Get paid faster 2-3 times with NACH,
Debit card and more.

Reduce bill approval and
payment time by more than 50%
Processing online payments through streamlines your payment process and gives you back something that’s truly invaluable — peace of mind!
  • Save Money :  For just INR 10 per transaction you can send online payments to your suppliers who are set up to receive payment
  • Save Time :  Now it's time to stop spending so much time on process paper checks or handling inefficient online payment

Bringing efficiency & transparency!

Process online bills with for free! Improve efficiency and eliminate paper with unlimited online billing.

It's time to stop paper filing and getting lost in pile of documents. To know the status of bills and payments in real-time is very productive for business, whether you're a small business or large corporation. We're bringing the much needed visibility into cash flow like you've never seen.

Business payments made easy

How does it work?


Receive your Bills

Receive email or scanned vendor bills on

View & Approve them Online

Route to yours approvers and provides one-click access to any needed backup documents.

We Pay when
you Say would pay electronically to your vendors/employees when you say

RECEIVE: Bill receiving made easy

Scan, Store, Manage: You receive (email or e-bill)/enter your vendor bills and supporting documentation.

  • Invite your vendors/employees to raise e-bill from free of cost
  • Receive your vendor bills/employee expense in email
  • Link bill documents (PO, Bills copy, contract ) with bill data

VIEW & APPROVE: Route bills for approval

Advanced online bill routing gets your requests for approvals to your list of approvers quickly.

  • Route vendor bills to specific approvers or multiple approvers
  • Approvers view supporting documents (PO, Bills copy, contract ) online as required for approval online
  • View complete approval trail along with comments from approvers

PAY: Send payments directly and securely

PaymentVista sends electronic payments to your vendors directly from your bank account.

  • Make vendor/employee payments with the click of a button
  • Bank grade security with transaction password and OTP
  • Upload payment files in excel, bulk payments for multiple vendors payments, salary payment etc


Improve visibility, tracking and control on payables

Gain the strategic insight you need around your financial performance to successfully run a business. Get all bills, bills, contracts and other paperwork conveniently digitized and organized by vendors, transactions and date ranges so you have everything at your fingertips. No more chasing approvers or losing bills. Plan your payments to optimize your cash flow.

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Frees you from having to be in the office

Anytime anywhere access of your payment system through web or mobile. All documents like vendor bills, PO, MRN, employee expenses etc stored at single place. No looking for hard copies each time. You could approve payments anytime, anywhere through Mobile/online. No cheque printing, envelope stuffing, courier of cheques.

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Improved security

Secured and protected data with the same encryption that banks use (256 bit SSL). Employ Two-factor authentication (MFA) with transaction password and OTP on mobile for payment release. Payment system designed as per RBI guidelines and banking partner's approval. External auditor appointed for audit of the system. Each action log gets recorded in the application.

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How is it better?

Benefits Accounting Software Bank Payment system
Receiving vendor bills and employee expenses
Unlimited online storage of scanned/email bills, POs/contracts, etc
Routing of bills for internal approval - online or mobile
One click electronic payment to vendors and employees
Setting permissions and security so the right people can view, approve, pay bills
Ability to view status of any bill, anywhere, anytime – online or mobile
Complete approval and audit trail

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your financial data and documents are undoubtedly safer on our secure, encrypted, password-protected servers than they are in filing cabinets and on people's desks throughout your offices.

  • Your data is secured and protected with the same encryption that banks use.
  • We encrypt all sensitive information stored in our database.
  • For quick disaster recovery, your data and documents are stored on redundant servers which immediately make two copies of everything.
We also back up the data to separate media and regularly move a copy of the backups to a second secure facility......Read more

We at understand that many businesses have various employees manage the finances and cash flow of the company. It is important to implement different levels of permissions and clearly separate duties. By default, we allow 5 user roles, each of whom will have the proper permissions to perform tasks in the platform that is critical to their function.

  • Administrators
  • Bill Makers
  • Bill Approvers
  • Payment Makers
  • Payment Approvers
Using these roles, you can customize

You can view more information about exact permission levels of each of the default user roles......Read more

Here are a few of the reasons you should send payment via

1. You'll never buy check stock, envelopes, or stamps to send payment again. If your vendor is registered for, you can send funds electronically for negligible amount per transaction, regardless of the payment amount or number of bills being paid

2. You won't need to sign checks or stuff envelopes anymore. Think of all the time your company spends printing, signing, and mailing checks-answering phone calls from vendors who ask when payment's coming or what's been paid. notifies your vendors as soon as payment is initiated, and we include full remittance advice automatically with every bill payment. So you can get that time back-for good.

3. You can pay from anywhere at any time. Whether you're paying bills or sending a standalone payment, you're only a few clicks away from getting the job done. It's simple to send electronic payments from your computer or your mobile device......Read more

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