Super Easy Invoicing & Get Paid 2x-3x Faster
  • Send Electronic invoices to all of your customers. GST compliant.
  • Schedule and automate invoicing for monthly/subscription based business
  • Accept online payments through internet banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, Wallet and more
  • Get your own payment portal for customers. History of invoices and payments available to customers
  • Track invoice status and know when customers pay
Automatic invoicing through streamlines your collection process and gives you back something that's truly invaluable — peace of mind!

Collect payments from your customers 2 - 3 times faster by creating, sending and tracking Invoices on Paymentvista.
The entire process is quick, convenient and user - friendly and takes less than 60 sec.

How does it work?


Decide how they pay you

Choose internet banking, debit card, credit card or Cheque. Send electronic invoices by email.

Customer view and pay invoices online

Now it's faster and easier than ever for your customers to pay. Your own payment portal for customers.

Get paid straight in your bank account

Get paid in your bank account directly.
Real time receipt creation and
invoice balance status.

Decide how they pay you

  • Create and email professional looking electronic invoices to customers. Completely GST compliance invoices.
  • Make recurring invoicing effortless by sending invoices automatically on your chosen time and frequency.
  • Give customers flexible payment options (credit card, debit card, internet banking, Cheque and more).
  • Remind your customers by email or SMS when the invoices are due for payment.

Customer view and pay invoices online

  • Get your own payment portal for customers. Customers have flexible payment options.
  • Give customers business-class payment capabilities that you could control.
  • Customers could view and download their invoices and receipts. No missing invoices or communication gap.

Get Paid Straight in your bank account

  • Get paid straight in your bank account.
  • Immediate notifications to you and customer about payment details with complete invoice details.
  • Track invoice status and know when customers pay. Reconcile payments to customer invoices and balances.
  • No payment gateway integration required. No technical knowledge required.


Full service invoicing

With, you can email professional invoices to customers with complete details. GST featured invoices could be created within less than 1 minute.

Recurring invoices could be scheduled as per customer to auto generate invoices. Send reminders to customers for missed due dates.

Customer Payment portal

With, you get a branded customer portal. Customers could make payment through this portal with choice of their own payment method. Customers could see their past payments and invoices of your organization. No payment gateway integration required. No technical knowledge required.

Low transaction cost

With, you enjoy low transactional costs. You could control the payment options though which you would like to get payment.

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions are typically larger in amount than business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. When your customers pay via internet banking through your portal, you are charged flat amount irrespective of payment value.

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Track invoice status

Immediately know when your customer has paid. Auto customer receipt would be created and invoice would be knocked off against it. You always has real time dashboard of your outstanding. Receipts are auto generated and send to customer.

How is it better?

Benefits Accounting Software PG / Bank Solution
Send electronic invoices online
Schedule recurring invoice as per your time and frequency
Accept online payments via debit card, credit card, or Internet banking
Get your own payment portal - Allow your customers to view and pay invoices at a webpage
Confirmation of payment received from customer
Send reminders to pay overdue invoices
Automatic knocking of invoices after payment.
Best commercial rates available for credit card, debit, card or net banking. No additional charges.

Even more Benefits and Control


Recurring Invoices for monthly billing

Automatic Payment Reminders

Multi Company

Multi User

GST Taxation


Online Document Storage

Scalable and Safe Platform

Automatic Backup

Never lose any data.
Automatic backup is taken on daily basis for complete financial data on cloud with multiple instances

High Security

Security you can bank on. Our SSL certificates, compliance, data security, encryption and role base access are optimized to the highest industry standards.

Customer Support

We care.
Our customer representatives
are available to make things work for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Your financial data and documents are undoubtedly safer on our secure, encrypted, password-protected servers than they are in filing cabinets and on people's desks throughout your offices.

  • Your data is secured and protected with the same encryption that banks use.
  • We encrypt all sensitive information stored in our database.
  • For quick disaster recovery, your data and documents are stored on redundant servers which immediately make two copies of everything.
We also back up the data to separate media and regularly move a copy of the backups to a second secure facility......Read more

We at understand that many businesses have various employees manage the finances and cash flow of the company. It is important to implement different levels of permissions and clearly separate duties. By default, we allow 5 user roles, each of whom will have the proper permissions to perform tasks in the platform that is critical to their function.

  • Administrators
  • Bill Makers
  • Bill Approvers
  • Payment Makers
  • Payment Approvers
Using these roles, you can customize

You can view more information about exact permission levels of each of the default user roles......Read more

Here are a few of the reasons you should send payment via

1. You'll never buy check stock, envelopes, or stamps to send payment again. If your vendor is registered for, you can send funds electronically for negligible amount per transaction, regardless of the payment amount or number of bills being paid

2. You won't need to sign checks or stuff envelopes anymore. Think of all the time your company spends printing, signing, and mailing checks-answering phone calls from vendors who ask when payment's coming or what's been paid. notifies your vendors as soon as payment is initiated, and we include full remittance advice automatically with every bill payment. So you can get that time back-for good.

3. You can pay from anywhere at any time. Whether you're paying bills or sending a standalone payment, you're only a few clicks away from getting the job done. It's simple to send electronic payments from your computer or your mobile device......Read more

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